About Mobius Collective

Mobius Collective
The word Mobius comes from the term “ Möbius strip” which is a one-edged, one-sided object with no beginning or end.  This spatial concept best describes the mission of the collective – with an infinite boundary we explore many genres as they relate to our musical experience and ancestors.

The Mobius Collective is a group of musicians/producers that exist both in NYC & PR, with members originating from both areas as well as a continuously expanding network of international artist.  Brooklyn based Saxophonist Troy Simms founded the collective in 02′ during a residency at Enlaces Cafe in Viejo San Juan & has since continued to develop the concepts expansion into new realms.

The music is always reflective of the members participating as the NYC Collective has a Jazz, Afro-beat, Hip-Hop, DUB emphasis. The PR collective has more of a Afro-Latin Jazz, Funk, Bomba Breaks vibe.

Troy “Mobius” Simms

Saxophonist and Producer Troy Simms has been creating music & performing in NYC since 98’. After the 9/11 events in NYC Troy relocated to Puerto Rico for six months in 2001 where he started the Mobius Collective with a weekly residency at Viejo San Juan’s Enlaces Cafe. Simms was able to explore the fusion of his own Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop roots with the Afro- latin rhythms of the island. This platform allowed the young musician to create a network of artist as well as a blueprint to curating further such Events. In 2008 Mobius along with fellow Brooklyn musician Taylor McFerrin and others started Brooklyn Freestyle Sessions weekly residency at Rose Live Music in Williamsburg BK, which ran four years straight, becoming one of the premier live music sessions for upcoming artist to showcase their talent. Mobius has played & recorded with such noted musicians as: Roy Ayers, Junior Marvin, Lee Scratch Perry, The Roots, Redman, The Roots Radics, Ladybug Mecca, Matisyahu, Osunlade & Meshell Ndegeocello to name a few. The artist made his big screen debut in the recent 2014 Academy Award Nominated movie “American Hustle” as the saxophonist in a 70’s soul band. Troy currently directs & co-produces Mobius Collective, Dub Select Horns_ Reggae Horn Section & Brooklyn Gypsies.

For Bookings and information on any of the projects presented on this site, please contact Troy at: mobiuscollective@gmail.com

Troy Simms_Mobius Collective Director & Saxophonist

Mural of Saxophonist Troy Simms painted in Candela Bar/ Gallery, Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico 4.26.12 by nyc artist Justin Carty.

Mural of Saxophonist Troy Simms painted in Candela Bar/ Gallery, Viejo San Juan Puerto Rico 4.26.12 by nyc artist Justin Carty.

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  1. I saw Mobius Collective at BPM on APR 2 & was completely blown away. One of the best shows I’ve seen in my life, & I’ve been alive for 3,000 years~!

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