Mobius Puerto Rico

Heineken Ventana Al Jazz "OTRO"


Mobius Collective Puerto Rico found its origins back in 02′ at Viejo San Juan’s Enlaces Café. Initially starting as an interlacing of Latin Puerto Rican styles such as Bomba and Salsa with Afro-American genres such as Hip-Hop, Jazz , Funk & Break beats.

A full Mobius PR presentation consists of: Alto Sax, Trumpet, Keyboards, Bass & Drums. In addition a D.J and two percussionist join the cipher. Finally a Bomba dancer and Mc’s bring a Afro-Latin dialogue rooted in the tradition.


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La Isla Reader Issue Puerto Rico #24











Heineken La Ventana Al Jazz Fest w/ DJ Nickodemus, Troy “Mobius” Simms on Sax & Members of The Conservatory Of Music PR 2.26.12

Diego Centeno (percussion), Ommi Ramos (Trombone)

Troy “Mobius” Simms (Soprano Sax), Ommi Rammos (Trombone)

Mobius Collective PR Headlines Heineken Ventana Al Jazz Aug. 30th 09′

Heineken Ventana Al Jazz Feat. Mobius PR Aug.30th 09'

Heineken Ventana Al Jazz Feat. Mobius PR Aug.30th 09′

Mobius PR, Afro Jamal Breaks_Headlining @ Heineken “Ventana Al Jazz” concert series_ Condado PR

Mobius PR feat. Flamenco Dancer Josette Riley _Headlining @ Heineken “Ventana Al Jazz” concert series_ Condado PR

Playing w/ Guitarist Hector Melendez at El Chinchoritto in Utuado Puerto Rico

Mobius Collective PR Brooklyn Crew at Cultura PM Concert Series Old San Juan

Mobius Collective PR Bamboo Bei Sessions in Piñones Puerto Rico

Music Video for Ciencia Fixion dubbed the “lost CI-Fi video”. Directed by DJ Nature & Ray Mendez


Worldwideunderground is a production company that has grown with the collective and continues to expand its network of artist, musicians & producers.  Check out their site for event listings in Puerto Rico as well as D.C., Miami, LA & NYC. Worldwideunderground


Puerto Rico Indie_Mobius Collective Interview

El Nuevo Dia_La música: pasión que los une, que los llama y que los mueve.

Cultura PM_ Electronic, Funk , Alternative Music Showcase_ Viejo San Juan PR

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